My name is Francesca, but everyone calls me Frankie or Franks. I am currently studying at Identity School of Acting (IDSA), a part time drama school in London. So obviously, I’m pretty into watching theatre and films and all that jazz. I work full-time at a box office selling west end theatre tickets as well as studying at Identity in order to fund living in London because otherwise I would actually be screwed. Because as IDSA is only part time we don’t get government funding. Sad face.

I moved to South West London in September 2015, after finishing my A Levels at secondary school that same year, in order to attend a drama school called the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts, or ALRA for short. I completed a part time foundation course there in July 2016 after spending one of the best years of my life studying there with some of the best people I have ever met.

Back home is the East Midlands, where I lived with my parents and two beautiful dogs, a cairn called Pepper and a westie called Timmy. I lived in the East Midlands my whole life and though I loved it there, it truly is beautiful, I was more than excited to move out to the fast paced city life London has to offer. And other than a few wobbles here and there I am yet to regret it!

I’m 20, birthday being April 15 (mark it on your calendars) and am currently living with 2 other actors, as well as 3 more in a flat upstairs, so as you can imagine our building is kind of crazy.

Hobbies include: reading, writing, acting, film (making and watching), theatre (likewise), swimming, dogs (mine in particular), food, alcohol, singing badly in the shower, netflix (forever), social media and I can basically listen to any kind of music as long as it isn’t being sung at 2am. Which is something that used to happen to me a lot in my old house when I was awoken by my drunk boy roommates. It was very annoying. Okay, that’s a lie. I tended to join in with them when it happened. Which was more often than not. Seriously.

So, yeah. That’s it really. I’m passionate about many things, most being on the list above. My plan is to use this blog to share the things I’m most passionate about by writing film and theatre reviews, reading sharing and reviewing books, writing countless short stories and speaking about my experiences of auditioning for drama school, as long as countless other posts about life and everything in it.