Theatre Review

Theatre Review: Half A Sixpence @ Noel Coward Theatre


4/5 Stars

Half A Sixpence was a musical I went into watching knowing very little about. Of course I had seen advertisements dotted around on the tube or on Facebook and honestly, it didn’t look like the sort of show I would enjoy. I’m happy to say I was wrong. Half A Sixpence is an excellent piece of theatre and an incredibly fun musical. For me a sign of a good musical is if you catch yourself singing the songs afterwards. Well, I walked out of the doors of that theatre singing “Flash, Bang, Wallop” at full volume.

The overall production of this show was incredible. The set was beautiful and the transition scene to scene was excellent. Moreover, the costumes which were very period appropriate were still fun, bright and worked well in conjunction with the background scenery.

The actors were fearless and very talented. The lead, Charlie Stemp, stood out in particular. His vibrancy on stage brought to life the character of Arthur Kipps allowing the audience to empathise with him throughout. He gave a new lease of life to the fun and catchy songs that were written over fifty years ago. Moreover, Stemps physicality was incredibly impressive. He was leaping on tables without breaking a sweat and at a couple of moments fearlessly fell backwards in trust falls, once from atop a bed, another time doing this even knowing there was no one in his near vicinity to catch him – although catch him of course they did. This is something that is actually very hard to do yet he made it look effortless. Stemp has a level of confidence and ease that many actors can only aspire to have one day and I was thoroughly impressed.

If you have the chance to get over to the Noel Coward theatre in Leicester Square you are most definitely in for a treat. This is one of the most enjoyable musicals I have seen in a long time.

Prices start from £14.75


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