So, I made a blog. As you can see if somehow you managed to stumble onto it and are currently reading this. I’ve never done this before (well, other than the few blogger accounts I had aged 13, but I think we can forget about them) so please bare with me.

The reason I’ve started this is, quite simply, to use it as a form of release. I have always enjoyed writing, ever since I was a little toddler making up stories in the back of the car as mum drove me to school or my grandparents or to visit a friend. And my love for story telling has only ever grown. I think it probably stems from my love for reading – seriously, the amount of books I own is enough to fill a small library. Anyway, this is one of the reasons I decided to start this thing. To release all the stories I have brewing up inside me. And not only that but to share all the thoughts I have on film, theatre, books and entertainment of all kinds. Basically, it’s just so I can comment on life and everything that involves.

A quick bit about me: my name is Francesca but everyone calls me either Frankie or Franks; I like both it’s up to you to decide which you prefer. I’m currently completing the last term of a 1 year foundation course at drama school, ALRA to be precise. I moved to London roughly 9 months ago in September 2015 – wow it’s gone fast – and I’m currently living with 3 other drama students: 2 guys, 1 girl. I like acting, reading, film, swimming, dogs, food and alcohol and I can basically listen to any kind of music as long as it isn’t being sung at 2 am by my drunk boy roommates *sigh*.

So, that’s it folks. If you haven’t gathered by now, I want to act. I want to be on stage and in film and one day it is going to happen. This is just the beginning of my adventure and I can’t wait to share it with you, if you’d like to join me onwards and upwards. Bye for now…



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